Our Team


Juhi Fadia is co-founder and Editor in Chief of In The Garden Magazine, living in Ahmadabad, India. A lifelong vegan and advocate for health, wellness and the sustainability of the planet, Juhi is also an engineer, analyst, researcher and writer covering advanced and emerging technologies with a special interest in innovations that make lives better. She is a prolific independent journalist, who has published numerous articles, including features in Cloud Computing, IoT Evolution World, Customer Magazine and more. Currently, Juhi is consulting to companies as a senior analyst, researcher and writer and as a contributor to Artin Arts, based in NYC.

CO-FOUNDER, Editor, Publisher, and Managing Director of Social Media

Arti Loftus is the co-founder, editor, and publisher of In The Garden Magazine, living just outside London. She is an experienced technology specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research, writing, and editing industry with many published articles under her belt. She is also a B2B marketer and social media strategist for many companies across North America and Europe. She is now one of the top 100 influencers in the field of IoT. She is passionate about digital and concept art, with love for all things fiction and fantasy ranging from TV shows to video games, and spends time sketching using nothing but her imagination. Arti has a BTEC ND in Computing and a degree in Computing –Multimedia from the University of Hertfordshire.


Loieto “Louie” Tugas heads up digital web and email platforms for In The Garden Magazine. Louie is also the founder of Tugas Virtual Solutions based in the Philippines and working with organizations around the world.


Matt Vulpis is a contributor to In The Garden Magazine. A popular and prolific writer covering new technologies, including Food Tech, Matt is also passionate about screenwriting, which stems from his love of films and TV shows. He lives Long Island, just outside of NYC.


Jason Cisneros Aguilar is a contributor to In The Garden Magazine. Jason began doing research and writing while preparing to go to college, as a junior analyst for Artin Arts, a marketing agency in NYC. Jason is earning his college degree, and continuing to cover new technologies, including food tech. Jason lives in Congers Lake, NY.


Catie Smith is a contributor to In The Garden Magazine. Founder of Catie Creative, she is a talented lifestyle influencer, window, garden, and interior designer, non-profit events planner, and a community volunteer who is passionate about fitness, health, sustainability, and food. Catie will be reviewing vegan restaurants in and around NYC and speaking with top chefs about how they plan to incorporate plant-based alternatives into their menus.


Cynthia Artin is a contributor to In The Garden Magazine. Cynthia has been the President of Artin Arts for two decades. She and her global team love helping companies grow. With seven grandchildren and a recently born great-granddaughter, Cynthia writes about the intersection of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian cuisines and the related generational shifts, including sharing menus from family dinners that satisfy the wide range of food philosophies in the Artin family.