In the garden, we all can grow.

Vegan, plant-based meat and dairy alternatives have never tasted better or been more nutritious.

Make a difference in your life, your family’s lives, your community, and your business. More choices – more healthy delights. Innovation and partnerships are changing the plant-based protein industry, but most importantly, they are opening doors for the food service industry worldwide.

In The Garden is sponsored by Vgarden foods as a business community resource for all those who share in our commitment and enthusiasm. If you believe the potential for plant-based and vegan food research, science, development, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and food service is unlimited, please follow us and contact us if you have a story to share.

JUST 100%

Vgarden is proud to introduce its large selection of highquality vegan food products including a variety of cheese and meat alternatives

We believe that vegans, allergen people, and flexitarians should enjoy all delicious dishes – only 100% vegan, more nutritious, healthy, and environmentally responsible.