Author: Matt Vulpis

The Next Generation of Food Tech, Distribution and Retail Leaders from Brazil Gather in Israel to Learn More About Plant-Based Alternatives.

Earlier this week, Vgarden, a global innovator and producer of a broad range of Vegan alternative cheeses, spreads, plant-based meat substitutes, and more, hosted a delegation from Brazil, as part of Unilever’s Future Leaders program to support the next generation of professionals passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

“Young voices have always been a powerful catalyst for change,” Unilever says, and “at Unilever, you can make things happen with your positive energy, enthusiasm and original ideas.”

This inspiring program has been designed to recruit new employees who wish to bring “purpose to life in the work you do – and together, we can lead the way to a sustainable future.”

The event was coordinated by Danni Berenholtz and Paul Israel, of the Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce (IACC), which have been introducing foreign
delegation to Israeli Innovation for years, and took part in the events that preceded the recently announced partnership with Cale & Daughters in Australia, part of Vgarden’s active expansion into new
regions around the world.

“It was always an honor to be able to share our cause with emerging leaders. Vgarden serves as the forerunner for change. Our products are the fuel for global transition for a conscience, sustainable diet, said Ben Dotan, Head of Innovation and Engagements at Vgarden.

“These young leaders represent some of Brazil’s largest retailers and distributors”.

We know that when people of different origins and territories come together in efforts to combat common issues, imagined boundaries dissolve. We hope to achieve that by sharing our understandings and solutions for plan(e)t based foods”

In addition to a thorough review of the Israeli food-tech ecosystem, Vgarden’s activities and vision for the plant-based industry, a full plant-based meal of soft and hard cheeses, smoked salmon, deli meats tuna, and more were served.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to state the case for plant-based diet and industry, for these future leaders to promote in their homeland,” Dotan added. “We look forward to fruitful collaborations in Latin America, sharing Vgarden’s spirit, delicious products, and innovation.”