Author: Catie

Vegan Friends Fiesta: Look Good, Eat Well, Feel Great!

Best thing to do after a serious pilates workout? Pilates is my strength training of choice, and while I occasionally practice yoga, and go for long runs (and long walks with my fur baby Opal), nothing feels better than to stretch out limber up.

If you’ve ever felt so passionate about something you love in your life that you want to share it with all your friends – and if you are vegan and wish to treat friends who could benefit from plant-based living, throw a party!

Mayan cuisine was primarily plant based, many centuries ago, and the introduction animal-based products into what we now call “Mexican Food” or “TexMex” is a relatively new change. With this Vegan Quesadilla Party, you can bring the amazing ingredients native to Mexico and the Southwest in the U.S. to your table and have fun letting your friends’ imaginations go wild in your kitchen, creating their own combinations.

The best part of this recipe?

No recipe at all!

Here are the ingredients I prepare, which add up to vegan, gluten free, allergy free, purely plant-based joy!

Corn tortillas (no gluten!)

Pico de Gallo (equal parts diced tomatoes, onion, and cilantro and a dash of olive oil)

Red tomato salsa (with dried chiles of your choice)

Green tomato salsa (made with tomatillos, onions and jalapenos, if you dare)

Fresh corn off the cob

Sliced scallions

Cherry tomatoes cut in half (multicolor with a red, orange, yellow and green mix)

Sliced avocados


Quartered limes

Black beans

Brown rice

Plant-based non-dairy sour cream

Plant-based non-dairy cream cheese

Plant-based buttery spread

Shredded vegan cheddar

Shredded vegan mozzarella

Sliced jalapenos

Sliced Anaheim chiles (or other favorites)

Finely diced red onion

Pickled red onion slices (just add to equal parts of water, vinegar and sugar and cook for a few minutes)



Sliced radishes

…and anything else from the produce section!

You can also create seasonal versions, for example adding roasted small cubes of butternut squash during Autumn.

You can add gluten-free vegan flour tortillas, blue corn tortilla chips, white corn tortilla chips, and your collection of favorite hot sauces. The combinations are up to you – then up to your amigos.

Put all the ingredients in colorful bowls and stack up buffet plates and napkins, adding a floral arrangement, and leaving room for dessert (my next column will cover the sweet stuff!)

When it’s time to cook, use non-stick frying pans or light spray cast iron or other fry pans, and let your guests enjoy making their own quesadillas or making quesadillas for each other.

Have a cooking contest – and give away prizes to the master quesadilla makers!

Food is love – and great food is great love, especially when you have the opportunity to share your passion for healthy eating and living, in sustainable and conscious ways.

Viva la vegan movement!