Author: Matt Vulpis

On World Vegan Day, Vgarden Introduces Plant-Based, Vegan Deli Slices Answering The Demand for Healthier and More Sustainable Alternatives

Among the variety of trends beginning to take hold around the world, one the fastest growing lifestyles amidst consumers today is the shift to a plant-based diet, otherwise better known as veganism. Veganism is a philosophy that seeks to avoid the unnecessary suffering of all sentient beings, practiced as a diet and lifestyle in which individuals choose to avoid ingesting or using products made from animals.

At first glance, a vegan diet may seem complicated or overly restrictive, as originally, as many who were considering switching over to a vegan diet were initially worried about finding suitable vegan alternatives to their favorite meals.

However, what was once considered a niche diet, veganism has gone mainstream, so much so that the number of people following a vegan diet has increased by 350 percent in the last decade. Today, about 4 percent of the U.S. population is strictly vegetarian and about half of the vegetarians are also vegan, according to a Harris Poll survey on behalf of the Vegetarian Resource Group, based in Baltimore, MD.

Furthermore, the same research shows that 60 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds sometimes or always eat meals without meat, poultry or seafood when eating out, while 52 percent of parents with children under the age of 18 fit this category, too. 

Overall, the global vegan food market was valued at USD 26.16 billion in 2021, and is expected to sustain continued growth at a CAGR of 12.95 percent for the next seven years, with experts estimating a market value of USD 61.35 billion by the end of 2028.

The growth of veganism globally is due in part to the health advantages the diet and lifestyle can offer consumers. For example, while switching to vegan won’t make you automatically lose weight, choosing a vegan lifestyle can help consumers lose weight by offering foods that are both satiating and yet low in calories, such as plant-based milk like almond and oats milk is quarter to that of cows milk in terms of calories.

On top of this, by opting for the vegan lifestyle consumers can help create a better place for animals and to make it a safe environment for all the living beings on the planet and to make it a better place for living.

When reduced, the consumption of animal meats and by-products of animal catering requires a huge area of land and water for their maintenance that further cause excessive production of Carbon dioxide and land waste.

Today, Vgarden, a leading developer and manufacturer of delicious plant-based and vegan foods, announced they are celebrating International Vegan Day today and unveiling an expansive range of deli meat alternatives that are as familiar and flavorful as their favorite traditional slices, including pastrami, ham, pepperoni, and chicken. The deli meats contain 26 percent protein, making them not only delicious but nutritious.

Vgarden, which aims to provide a full spectrum solution for the plant-based foods market, has developed a successful range of plant-based cheeses, meat and fish alternatives. In the spirit and tradition of Kosher delis around the world, Vgarden brings all the favorite flavors and textures to market, satisfying the growing demand from consumers seeking cleaner, healthier, and more conscious alternatives from their favorite shops and restaurants.

As passionate innovators for years, creating and marketing flavorful dairy-free cheeses and meat-free alternatives, the Vgarden team has been a pioneer in bringing game-changing offerings to restaurants and food service distributors who wish to be part of the Vegan revolution and benefit from continuously and rapidly growing consumer interest in and demand for healthier and more environmentally conscious menu items.

“We intentionally chose World Vegan Day to introduce our increasing range of deli solutions,” said Eyal Adut, Head of Marketing and BizDev, Vgarden. “This is our passion – this is our mission – to invest in sustainable and beloved foods that are nutritious, reduce negative impacts on the planet, and bring fresh and exciting options to every deli counter in the world. Along with our equally delicious and familiar tasting cheeses, which are also non-GMO, free of preservatives, free of lactose, gluten, trans fats, soy, and cholesterol, whether making a mouth-watering sandwich or charcuterie plate, we are bringing joy to the table.”

Every year on 1st November, vegans around the world champion the benefits of their lifestyle. The earliest commemoration of this event began in 1994 by a UK celebrity, Louise Wallis, who was at the time the chair of The Vegan Society, as they celebrated its 50th birthday, the coinage of vegan and veganism terms, and the inception of The Vegan Society.

Across the globe, World Vegan Day is commemorated through exhibitions, seminars, public debates, workshops, promotions and more, and is not just for celebrities including Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres, James Cameron, Stevie Wonder and more. Events of the day, and through more informal conversations, vegans can advocate and share with their friends their reasons for choosing a dairy-free, meat-free lifestyle.