Author: Juhi Fadia, Editor in Chief

Welcome to the garden!

We are launching this new digital magazine on World Vegan Day 2022 as a resource where those who are interested in the future of the food service industry can learn about the most innovative companies in the business of producing delicious and nutritious plant-based ingredients.

As a life-long vegan, independent tech analyst and journalist, and especially first time Mom-to-Be, I look forward to contributing what I can to the global conversation.

Being vegan is so much more than consuming only plant-based, natural proteins and foods. Being vegan is deeply rooted in various philosophies, religions (for example, my family is Jain), health and wellness regimes, simple respect for all creatures, environment and sustainability, responses to rising levels of allergies and food intolerance, and more.

In this fledgling digital news and story telling platform, we will focus on how vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian movements are made more scalable when the business of plant-based food innovation, manufacturing, distribution and promotion continues to thrive.

In the world of game-changing technologies I’ve been covering since I was a broadcast radio journalist in college, while earning my degree in engineering, scale equals success. The same here is true: when the “supply chain” in the food industry supports a greater number of choices by gearing up to create an infrastructure for innovation, new product creation, new manufacturing, testing, packaging, transportation, storage, distribution and promotion before new products are used in restaurants, school cafeterias, airline kitchens, and more or are sold in grocery stores – together this part of the food industry can reach exponentially more people including those at risk of food insecurity.

This is meaningful investment, work and partnership, and our team is committed to playing a positive role in shining the light on the business of veganism, vegetarianism, and flexitarianism in our global garden of delights.

Please reach out to me here with your thoughts.